20 Oct

Who Needs an RSA Certificate and Where Can You Get One?

Alcohol is a drug and is treated as such the Australian government. Though it is not totally banned, the government is against excessive alcohol consumption. It has introduced a short course that is necessary for people who sell or serve alcohol to undertake. This is the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course upon whose completion that person is handed the RSA certificate. All it takes is few hours of training.

During the training for the RSA training, a person is taught on the laws governing alcohol uptake in Australia and in the particular state. It teaches things like who alcohol should be sold to, how to tell if they are intoxicated. The main aim is to prevent underage drinking and irresponsible alcohol use. The seller in this case is held liable for the actions of the drunken customer. For instance, if a customer at a bar drinks too much and is hit by a bus on the way home the bar tender may be sued for injury claims. During the RSA course you will learn what it is you are responsible for.

So, who should have an RSA certificate? Anyone who works in a premise that is licensed for the sale of alcohol. The exact occupations in such premises that must have the certification will differ from state to state. You should find out more details and get one if you are required to so as to avoid landing yourself in trouble. Among the professions where it is necessary to have one is bar st5taff, security staff, waiters and waitresses, room service staff, glass collectors, sommerliers, bottle shop attendants and others.

Whereas in some states it is a legal requirement in others it is not but its importance cannot be underestimated. Where can you get RSA certification? You may choose the traditional physical classes or the more convenient online training. Either way you will be required to attend lectures and later take an exam. You will only get the certificate if you pass the exam. rsa online for the best prices